Italy nurse kills doctor girlfriend, claiming she gave him coronavirus; here is the truth

The male nurse says the girlfriend gave him coronavirus. But tests proved that both had tested negative for COVID-19

An Italian male nurse reportedly strangled his girlfriend, a doctor, alleging that she gave him coronavirus. But the cops say otherwise. Here are the details of the case.

The police received a call from Antonio De Pace on Tuesday, who told the police that he had killed his partner. When the cops rushed to the apartment he was staying in, they found De Pace's girlfriend Lorena Quaranta on the floor, dead. And De Pace had cut his wrist and was found on the floor.

Police immediately shifted De Pace to hospital, where he was treated and is out of danger. Meanwhile, when the police questioned him, De Pace said that he strangled Lorena as he contracted coronavirus from her and said one of the investigators that she gave him the virus, reported local media.

But a report from Italian news agency Adnkronos stated that, based on the statement, preliminary probe was conducted and the prosecution found that both De Pace and Lorena had tested negative for the coronavirus. The agency stated that De Pace's claims did not make any sense.

Italy nurse kills doctor girlfriend

As per reports, Lorena and De Pace worked at a hospital in Sicily, where most of the patients were admitted because of coronavirus. Lorena Quaranta was 27 and De Pace was 28 years old. In fact, De Pace was treated at the hospital where he worked with Lorena and his condition is said to be stable now.

61 doctors die in Italy after contracting coronavirus

As on April 2, Italy has recorded 110,574 confirmed cases and 13,155 deaths. Italy has long surpassed China, in terms of confirmed cases, where the coronavirus spread from. In terms of death counts, Italy is topping the list as of now, which is a matter of concern.

The first death due to coronavirus was reported in Italy was country's northern province on February 21. Meanwhile, Italy has been locked down since three weeks. The restrictions are likely to be effective for at least two more weeks as the number of cases being tested positive for coronavirus are still high.

As per reports, Puglia governor stated that restrictions should stay till May.

Meanwhile, statistics from the national doctors' association announced states that death of 11 more doctors was reported on Monday, bringing the total number of doctors who died during the epidemic to 61.

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