Italy Coronavirus: Pope Francis asks priests to visit COVID-19 sufferers as cases surpass 10,000

Tuesday, March 10, marked the deadliest day for Italy, as the death toll due to the coronavirus surged from 463 to 631, in just 24 hours

Vatican city has reported one case of coronavirus infection. But the fact that it's surrounded by Italy, which has reported over 10,000 cases, raises fear for the Vatican as well. Tuesday marked the deadliest day for Italy, which reported 168 fatalities in just 24 hours. At a time like this, Pope Francis has urged priests to meet coronavirus patients.

On Tuesday, the Pope held a mass by himself, at his residence, that was live-streamed as the pontiff avoided public gatherings. He prayed for the sick and the medicos serving them. Although avoiding public gatherings himself, he has asked his fellow priests to reach out to the sick, Daily Mail reported.

Pope Francis urges priests to meet patients

Pope Francis
Pope Francis Wikimedia Commons

"Let us pray to the Lord also for our priests, that they may have the courage to go out and go to the sick people bringing the strength of God's word and the Eucharist and accompany the health workers and volunteers in this work that they are doing," Francis said.

One of the characteristics of Covid-19 is that it gets transmitted swiftly. As a result, both the patient as well as persons with whom he comes in contact with, are isolated. Last week, several of Pope's engagements were cancelled after he suffered from cold. Fears were raised as he was seen hugging and kissing members of the public after speaking with a hoarse voice and blowing his nose in church.

The Pope tested negative for coronavirus and resumed his engagements, this week. He has been in good health, although a part of one of his lungs was removed, when he was young.

Italy coronavirus: updates

On Tuesday, the number of Covid-19 cases in Italy surpassed 10,000. It also marked the deadliest day as the number of fatalities reached 631. Outside the Chinese mainland, Italy has been the worst-hit, both in terms of the number of cases, as well as, fatalities. Such a surge came right after Italy placed the whole country under complete lockdown, with widespread travel restrictions. People are urged not to leave their homes, unless for an extremely important errand, like visiting a doctor.

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