Italian woman continues to test positive for coronavirus despite being in quarantine for 60 days

The model raised her concern on her Facebook page and asked if anyone has experienced a similar situation

Despite being in quarantine for two months and continued testing, a woman in Italy has been testing positive for the coronavirus. The woman who is asymptomatic still tests positive and doctors have warned that she is a carrier and is contagious.

Bianca Dobroiu, 23, who went to a public hospital part of the University of Bologna healthcare system on February 28, was admitted to the hospital with a fever above 105 degrees and was also diagnosed with the coronavirus. Local media reported that the woman continued to test positive after getting better from the fever. The reports also said that Dobroiu was the only person to test positive for the coronavirus for the longest period of time. Most of the cases in Italy test negative after four weeks of being infected with the coronavirus.

The woman was discharged from the Sant'Orsola-Malpighi Polyclinic hospital on March 6. She was under quarantine even after that. The woman had recently tested positive for the coronavirus yet again and told the local media that she was thankful that the disease has not progressed.

Model who keeps testing positive reacted online

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The 23-year-old model raised her concern over testing positive for the coronavirus again after 52 days. She posted her sentiments in a Facebook post. She is also a student in Italy. This was her sixth test which came out positive.

She wrote on Facebook after posting her new results that there was nothing "new" about the result as she has "never been different than this for almost two months."

She also asked if there were anyone else with the similar symptoms of the coronavirus in her post.

According to The Sun, the hospital's infection expert Luciano Attard said the patient was fine but the result was coming back positive. He added: "We are studying her case carefully. As far as we are concerned, nobody else in Italy has tested positive for so long. In general, positive results last no longer than four weeks."

The woman has no underlying condition or symptom of the coronavirus. She said she was not too concerned about the blood analysis because of the tests.

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