Italian Athlete Giuseppe Leonardi On Being A Part Of Olympics 2021: "It Is The Biggest Goal For All Athletes"

Giuseppe Leonardi

Giuseppe Leonardi is a well-known international athlete of track and field from Italy. Every year, he participates in different competitions. Last year, he was in Yokohama for the world relay.His team came 4th in the world and qualified for the Olympic Games of 2021, Giuseppe is 24 and has won a silver medal in European championship 4x400.

The skilled athlete spoke about being a sportsman and how he is looking forward to being a part of the Olympics next year.

At what age did you realize you wanted to be an athlete?

Probably never, I really ever wanted to be an athlete, I don't know what sports, but I wanted to be a professional athlete.
I tried all sports in my life, but at 10 I decided to do track and field, I was fast this is why I decided to go for it.

You may get a chance at the Olympics next year. Tell us about it?

Yes, of course, we're already qualified for the Olympic Games, I helped the team to be qualified during the Yokohama relay world championship, where we placed 4th.
The Olympic Games is the biggest goal for all athletes and of course mine too.

How are you dealing with the pandemic? How have you been practicing?

The pandemic was a punch in the stomach, busted the training plans (of the Olympic year). The postponement of the Olympic games was a serious blow. The workouts, in any case, had to go on, a professional athlete can never stop, the body needs to stay active, personally I got up as well as I could, mostly circuits at home. At the moment in Italy, everything is back to normal and I am training on the track, like the pre-pandemic period.