It is time to get healthy with Stefanie Gurzanski

Stefanie Gurzanski

You can replace everything, but can never replace your health. A healthy body is the beginning of a beautiful and comfortable life. So, never ever compromise with your health. Stefanie Gurzanski, a Canadian model, shares that with a healthy body she can just do anything. She believes in keeping her health above all other things. You can easily check her Instagram, where she is inspiring 1.8 million people with her healthy habits. This is so evident from her sleek figure and also healthy lifestyle. She loves to encourage young girls to keep-up with a healthy routine to maintain them.

Here are few tips straight from Stefanie, a health freak-

· Drink loads of liquid- Yes! Stefanie feels everyone should have loads and loads liquids throughout the day. She feels having water can be really boring. So, jazz it up. One can opt from lemonades, green tea, soups or detox water. The mantra is to have liquids and cleanse your inner self.

· Do not miss your beauty sleep- Proper sleep is important for our health. Being a model she has late nights or early mornings, but Stefanie always compensates it with an afternoon nap that helps to maintain her sleep routine. So, you should also have 7 hour sleep. Try to sleep early to increase your productivity.

Exercise- Stefanie has to exercise to maintain herself. At first she didn't like it much, but now she is in love with exercise. Now, she cannot miss even a single routine. "Exercise takes off all my mental and physical tension." She said. "At first it was very tiring, but with constant efforts I pushed myself and today I am doing really great." She added with a smile.

· Eat Well- Even being a model, Stefanie never suggests to diet. She believes in clean eating. "I try to cut down on sweet things and fried cuisines. I love to add loads of fruits in my diet." She told. "The fibre is really important for all of us." So, try to add loads and loads of salads and fruits in your daily routine.

We really hope that these simple health tips from the expert will help you to straight line your health. All the best!