'It is a disaster' - Netizens Share their Thoughts After Watching Marry My Husband Episode 12

"It is a disaster" - was one of the feedback received by the producers of Marry My Husband after the telecast of episode 12. The followers of this K-drama were not happy with the latest story developments. They shared their thoughts online on various social media platforms.

The tvN revenge drama witnessed a dip in viewership ratings this week. According to the viewers, the onscreen couple -- Yoo Ji Hyuk and Kang Ji Won -- faced unexpected challenges due to a new character in the mini-series. They claimed the introduction of actress BoA as Oh Yu Ra did not fit in the story. The actress made her debut appearance in episode 11 as the childhood friend and ex-fiancee of Ji Hyuk. She created a rift between the onscreen couple.

The romance revenge drama premiered on tvN on Monday (January 1) at 8:50 pm KST. It tells the story of an ordinary woman who witnessed the extramarital affair between her husband and best friend. The female protagonist gets murdered after she finds out about their relationship. She gets a second chance in life and tries to reverse her dismal fate.

The mini-series is based on a web novel, which was serialized into a webtoon. Although Yu Ra had a role to play in the webcomic, the character was not part of the webtoon. After watching episode 12, netizens shared it was an unnecessary addition to the story.

Marry My Husband
Marry My Husband poster. Twitter/tvN

Netizens' Reactions

Episode 12 was mad!

It is a disaster after they gave us a fluffy-ish episode.

#MarryMyHusbandEp12 was a hot mess of an episode. If I ever have seen one. What a complete clown parade where nothing made sense. Characters were collectively hit with the dumb stick to become their most stupid selves. Normally I laugh when a truck appears. But here it was just.

I don't like this change of Yura coming in as this mastermind. The satisfaction of the webtoon was everyone met a fate equal to their evil ways. They chose their path and met an end due to it. That payoff is everything. This ain't it.

The most satisfying thing about a show like this, the ONLY way it works, is if you see those who've wronged the protagonist get what they deserve, while she thrives, is safe, and is adored. Old school drama 'crazy ex' masterminding round 2 for the villains? WHY?

See, this is why some KDramas need just 12 eps a series. The 16 eps series aggravates the heck out of viewers when writers drag the plot and get lazy in writing. #MarryMyHusbandEp12

Why do writers think we don't deserve nice things, put down the pipe you're smoking because it's making you do crazy things we already had Sumin, Minhwan, and the white truck we don't need more villains to cause drama, just let them be happy.