'It is the calm before the storm', says Trump on North Korea issue

Donald Trump said 'only one thing will work' with North Korea which hinted the President's strong stand against Kim Jong-Un and his country.

Donald Trump
U.S. President Trump Reuters

US President Donald Trump said "only one thing will work", while dealing with North Korea, hinting that diplomacy towards the Kim Jong-Un led nation has failed due to their wild nuclear ambitions.

Donald Trump frustrated with North Korea's attitude

In his recent tweet, Trump told that several US Presidents and administrators have talked with North Korea for the past 25 years, but nothing has worked out, as the Asian country continuously violated the terms and conditions of the agreement before the ink got dry. Trump added that North Korea has always fooled the US negotiators, which is something unacceptable.

On Thursday, Trump met top US military officials and their spouses, and during the talk, he stated that it is the ''calm before the storm''. When news reporters asked for a clarification of this statement, Trump said, "You will find out."

The President has previously said that the country will destroy North Korea if Kim Jong-Un threatens the safety of the US and its allies with nuclear arms.

Donald Trump's remarks came just a week after he tweeted that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's search for open channels to negotiate with North Korea is a sheer wastage of time and energy. Just after five hours of this tweet, Trump tweeted another post stating that being nice to 'rocket man' has not worked for 25 years, and it will not work at this juncture too.

A military action in the near future?

Soon after Trump's remark, several speculations rose about the 'one thing' which Trump is going to actuate against North Korea. However, the White House has declined to answer the question about what kind of action Trump was referencing in this scenario. Sarah Sanders, White House press secretary told that all the options to tame North Korea are on the table now, and made it clear that she has nothing to add at this time. Trump's word war with the North Korean Supreme Leader will surely elevate the tensions between the two nuclear-armed powerhouses.

Even though Trump has not hinted at how he is going to deal North Korea, political experts believe that he is indirectly referring a possible military action which may happen in the near future.

North Korea's nuclear activities in the past one year have built huge tension in the area. Recently, Kim Jong-Un's country conducted a test hydrogen bomb explosion which literally added salt to the bleeding wound.