Israel Planning War Against Iran Over Nuclear Weapon Fears - Report

There are escalating tensions going on between Israel and Iran, so much so there are renewed speculation about Tel Aviv making war preparations against Iran.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz met the top officials of Biden's government, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on his visit to the U.S. on Thursday in Washington. He told them about the potential war preparations against Iran, urging them to take a much more belligerent approach to the confronting targets.

Gantz has also discussed with the U.S. officials how to hit Iran on their weakness - starting from cutting down the sanctions to crashing their economy. As a result, this could hinder Iran from pursuing the nuclear activity.

"The defense minister told Americans that he had instructed the military to prepare for military options," a senior security source said, as quoted by Israel's Army Radio. During the Vienna event, the stalled talks with Iran to revive the nuclear force have pushed Israel to go for Plan-B by joining hands with the United States. Both Israel and the United States are in talks on how to handle the likely war arrangements. The U.S. and European top administrations accused Iran of retracting their past promises. Russia, who has a good bond with Iran, threw a question of doubt, asking Iran about their commitment on these matters.

Looking into these aspects closely, Israel has also asked Biden's administration to tighten their sanctions on Iranians. "Instead of resorting to threats and intimidation, the U.S. is well advised to implement its JCPOA obligations and put aside the bankrupt policy of maximum pressure and lift all illegal sanctions against the Iranian people," the mission said. "The policy of Iran-phobia promoted by the Israeli regime will doom to fail, and this regime is reminded that any adventuristic designs against Iran will be dealt will swiftly and with all vigor."

The U.S. administration did not show any hesitation on Israel's military plan to take down Iran. Speaking about Vienna's negotiations fiasco, State Department Spokesperson Ned Price said, "I wouldn't want to speak to what we might be contemplating if the path to diplomacy toward a mutual return to compliance isn't viable in the near term."

He further added, "But we are discussing those alternatives. We are discussing those options with our close partners, with our close allies, and that includes the Israelis. We have already had good discussions with the Israelis about the path forward, and how we can work together to ensure that Iran is never able to acquire a nuclear weapon."

On the contrary, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian took to Instagram and said, "The Western parties should know that in the last eight years, enough has been said and many promises have been made without action, but today is the time to act, and we are working to reach a serious and good agreement."