Isabela Gomes Pereira: Influencer Hires Three Men To Throttle Ex-Boyfriend To Death After Being Dumped

An influencer hired men to throttle her ex-boyfriend after being dumped. Isabela Gomes Pereira, 28, hired three men to choke her ex-boyfriend Leandro Rezende to death, according to police.

The men broke into room of Rezende when he was sleeping. They kicked and beat Rezende and choked him to death with the power cable from a fan.

Isabela Gomes Pereira
Isabela Gomes Pereira Twitter

Officials believe that the influencer would have intended to injure her ex-boyfriend earlier.

Leandro Was Killed By Mechanical Asphyxiation

They say Leandro was killed by mechanical asphyxiation due to "neck constriction and blunt cervical trauma". Gomes and two of her gang are being held in preventive custody. Ringleader Gomes is believed to have found the three men aged 20, 24 and 31 in nearby Belo Horizonte, according to The Mirror.

Pereira and two of the men who were hired now face charges of robbery with violence resulting in death.

According to the police, Gomes picked up the men and took them to the victim's home on the night of the incident. After reaching the house, one of the men jumped inside the wall and allowed others inside after opening the gate.

Leandro's Car, Phone And Television Were Also Stolen

Some of his belongings including a car were also stolen from his property. His mobile phone, television, perfumes, trainers, clothes, and portable speakers were among the stolen items.

Last September, Gomes had gone to the police after Leandro allegedly slapped her in the face and pulled her hair.

Meanwhile in April this year, the pair fought when Gomes allegedly caught Leandro in a restaurant with another woman.

The influencer allegedly smashed a glass on Leandro's table. It is understood that she also scratched his car and that Leandro told the police she stole his wallet, according to The Mirror.

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