Isa Jaime: from fashion icon to international businesswoman

Isa Jaime

The road to business success is never easy, but oftentimes female leaders face even more hurdles to overcome in their path to consolidation. The unfounded assumption that many in the business world hold – that women, and especially good looking women – lack the brainpower to lead successful companies could not be more wrong; And a new generation of empowered and independent thought leaders like Mexican born fashion designer, top model, and accomplished corporate strategist, Isa Jaime, is determined to change the status quo for good.

Isa Jaime is an internationally recognized influential figure to women. While her work in fashion has reached peak levels – such as Fashion Week Mexico – Isa´s legacy is a powerful one. As a young woman who has built a beauty & fashion empire from the ground up, she feels compelled to serve as an inspiration for intelligent and ambitious women around the world.

She is recognized as one of the youngest CEOs in Latin America - her time studying at the prestigious L'Institut Marangoni in Paris served as a stepping stone for her, providing her with a deeper understanding of the industry and leading fashion trends. Her passion and hard work combined make her an unstoppable force.

"I love fashion, but I look at it as an art and a science; Without a keen understanding of the market and what consumers demand from premium brands it's virtually impossible to succeed." – Ms. Jaime affirms.

As an ongoing business revolution continues taking place in light of the challenging economic environment prompted by the spread of the novel coronavirus across every major economy, tenacious entrepreneurs like Ms. Jaime have successfully replaced uncertainty with disruption. Isa has already commanded global media attention, with prestigious publications like The London Daily Post, calling her - "Isa Jaime, The Mexican style icon that is conquering the fashion industry."

The young entrepreneur currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for her two burgeoning brands, J'aime Beauty - a unique cosmetics line created with premium quality, organic elements and Radstate - a refreshing line of California inspired street wear. Both of which consumers evidently love.

The French genetics on both sides of her family have influenced Isa's impeccable style and have inspired her to develop the array of creative and fresh ideas that she has leveraged to rise to the top of the business world.

As global macroeconomic trends continue to shift, bold and vivacious entrepreneurs like Isa Jaime are playing an increasingly important role in the landscape of "new normality".