Irritating Moment Couple is Seen Making Love on Open Balcony of Houston Airbnb as Outraged Neighbors Struggle to Live in Peace [WATCH]

Residents presented evidence of numerous phone calls and emails to Houston police, desperately seeking help.

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Reports of explicit activity on a balcony visible to everyone are just one of several concerning complaints arising from an Airbnb rental in an affluent neighborhood in Texas. Residents of townhomes, valued at $500,000 according to Houston's Fox station, are frustrated with what they perceive as sex parties, violence, and drug use occurring at the short-term rental.

Pixelated video footage shows people engaging in sexual activity on an exposed balcony at the Airbnb property, which is in proximity to an elementary school, according to a Daily Mail report. This has raised serious concerns among residents in the neighborhood, who are now disgusted with the way Airbnb rents out its accommodations.

Sex in Public Raises Furor

Airbnb guest
A pixelated image of an Airbnb guest after having sex on the balcony as neighbors complain of disturbance YouTube grab

"Two individuals decided to engage in some adult activities right there, right in front of us, right in front of everybody," one neighbor who asked to remain anonymous told Fox 26 reporter Randy Wallace.

Other video clips revealed Airbnb guests loudly shrieking and screaming at night, causing disturbance for other residents who are grappling with high mortgages and rents while trying to find peace within their homes.


Those living in the townhomes near Houston's Galleria Mall claim that such disturbances were not expected from the guests when they moved into the upscale neighborhood with their families.

"It was terrible. This was on a Monday morning. We could have had kids. There is an elementary school just 2 minutes away," another annoyed resident said about the ongoing sexual encounters in public.

Absolutely No Control

Airbnb guest
A pixelated photo of an Airbnb guest in Houston having sex on he balcony X

Frustrated homeowners report frequent sightings of sex parties, fights, loud arguments, and people partially unclothed walking around the Airbnb property, the outlet reported.

Their concerns are escalating as they witness armed individuals, in violation of Texas law where marijuana use is illegal, blocking access to the entrances of their homes.

"If I can describe in one word what happened to the neighborhood, it's filth. They bring filth to this established family neighborhood," a third resident told the outlet.

Residents presented evidence of numerous phone calls and emails to Houston police, desperately seeking help.

Despite making 87 attempts to get the police involved and address the issues with the unruly short-term rental, the townhouse continues to operate without being shut down.

As per the rental listing, the 'luxurious' home accommodates up to 10 people and can be booked for as little as $486 per night. Property photos shows black walls, expansive mirrors, and beds adorned with Chanel bedding.

"Each bedroom is fitted with silky smooth linens, comfy blankets, and soft pillows that'll feel like you're sleeping on heavens clouds," the online post says.

The listing explicitly states that parties are prohibited.