Irked Canadian crabs creating havoc in the coast of Maine

Blue land crab
Blue land crab Pixabay

A group of angry Canadian crabs is waging a war on the coast of Maine, and they are literally creating havoc in the coastal line by disrupting the stability of local marine life. The Canadian crabs which migrated from Nova Scotia to Maine are apparently very much aggressive and they are demolishing eelgrass, and eating soft-shell clams.

The research, conducted by scientists at the University of New England, suggested that the native green crabs that have been living in the waters of Maine are comparatively less aggressive when compared to the crabs that migrated from Nova Scotia.

Researchers have also revealed that the native green crabs are meek and chilled, while the migrant ones are ready to fight any potential predators including humans.

Luis Logan, a graduate student from the University of New England who took part in the study shared his experiences regarding the aggressiveness of migrant green crabs. As per Logan, the migrant crabs tried to grab him with its tentacles whenever he tried to catch hold of one.

As per the researchers, the green crabs from Nova Scotia assume a fighting position when a person gets near and they even tried to use their pincers to attack humans. The researchers of this study recounted an incident when a green crab from Nova Scotia jumped out of the waters for a brawl.

During laboratory studies, these green crabs showed the same level of aggressiveness which literally surprised the researchers. When placed on a bed of eelgrass, these migrant crabs from Nova Scotia shredded the plants vigorously, as if they are trying to kill a potential prey.

Even though Canada is a nation renowned for a population who are polite, humble, intelligent, funny, handsome and easy going, these crabs from Canada stand in a different extreme with a peak level of rage.