Irina Tsybanyeva: Russian Gran Leaves Death Note At Graves of Putin's Parents; Arrested, Faces Five Years in Jail

A Russian gran left death notes at the graves of President Vladimir Putin's parents. Irina Tsybanyeva, 60, was detained and put behind the bars by the local police. After visiting the St. Petersburg cemetery, she faces five years jail term under the current law.

Many anti-war Russians have left notes at the graves of Putin's parents since the beginning of the Ukraine but it was the first arrest made by the police in such a matter.

Irina Tsybanyeva
Irina Tsybanyeva Twitter

Tsybanyeva Was Arrested By Local Police

So far the full details of what was written on the notes have not come out but Tsybanyeva has pointed out that she expressed hopes for Putin to die. "What is in the note is not known for certain. But she said that it had a wish [for him] to die," said her son Maksim Tsybanyev.

Tsybanyeva Had A Wish For Putin To Die

"She didn't open the door for a long time, but in the end, he [a policeman] promised to pry it open and she opened it. They pissed around for a long time. As a result, by night time, she called and said there would be a raid," said Maksim, according to Daily Star.

Tsybanyeva Faces Prison Sentence Of Five Years

Tsybanyeva faces charges of desecration of the bodies of the dead and their burial places. Reports also claimed that a similar note was left by an activist group at the graves of Putin's parents.

An Activist Group Also Left Similar Notes At The Graves of Putin's Parents

"Dear parents, Your son is misbehaving! He is skipping history lessons, fighting with classmates, and threatening to blow up the whole school! Do something," read the letter, according to Star.