Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei says US's offer of help to fight Coronavirus is strange

The outbreak has spread to over 150 countries in the world infecting more than 300,000 people worldwide

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei stated on Sunday that the offer of the US for helping the fight against the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is very much strange.

"Several times Americans have offered to help Iran to contain the virus. Aside from the fact that there are suspicions about this virus being created by America ... their offer is strange since they face shortages in their fight against the virus," said Khamenei in a televised speech.

Iran's fight against COVID-19

Coronavirus IANS

"Iran has the capability to overcome any kind of crisis including coronavirus outbreak." The coronavirus outbreak has created a major stir around the world infecting over 300,000 people and has claimed the lives of more than 13,000 people globally. The outbreak has been by the WHO as a pandemic.

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