Iranian Militia Groups Planted 'Resistance Cells' in Washington and Other US Cities - Report

The Iranian militia groups have demanded the removal of all the American soldiers from Iraq and the Middle East.

Iranian militia groups have active cells of operatives in Washington DC and other US cities, according to chatrooms used by the groups.

A Telegram network used by the militia groups and supporters—called Kawtheryoon Electronic Team—claimed that Iranian "resistance cells are rooted" in the US and the American capital.

This news was reported by Fox News which cited a copy of the telegram post captured by the Middle East Media Research Institute or MEMRI, an organization that tracks radical groups.

It was also claimed that the terror factions associated with Iran are also growing stronger and gaining more support, as they demanded the removal of all the American soldiers from Iraq and the Middle East.

As per the telegram post, it included an image of caskets containing the American troops.

 Telegram post
Telegram post

US and Iran

The report also added that the threat comes as US president Joe Biden's newly formed administration seeks to directly engage Iran in pursuit of inking a revamped nuclear deal.

In 2018, the US withdrew from the deal and re-imposed sanctions on Iran and that caused a series of escalating incidents. But Biden is expected to bring the country back into compliance.

Reports suggested that Iran would continue its uranium enrichment drive and the country informed the International Atomic Energy Agency that it would enrich uranium by up to 20 percent purity. But according to Vienna Accord, Iran was allowed to enrich uranium only up to 3.67 percent purity.

But Biden said the country must cut its uranium enrichment before any return to talks regarding the Iranian regime's nuclear program.

Iran's national flag
Iran and US diplomatic relation Reuters

However, apart from the diplomatic issues, reports claimed that Iran has been continuously supporting terrorism. It has shown no signs of controlling its active operations in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern hotspots.

As per the Fox News report, Iran has also continued to support strikes on the officials from the US, stationed in Iraq. It was claimed that Iran was likely behind a rocket attack on an Iraqi airbase that was inhabited by American troops.