Irani Man Suffers Agonizing PENIS Pain After Contracting COVID in a Rare Side Effect

Doctors noted that the symptom experienced by the man was a very rare side effect of the Coronavirus.

A possible new side effect of the COVID came into sight as an Irani man experienced excruciating penis pain after contracting the virus. According to The Sun, an Iranian team described the peculiar case in a medical journal and explained the virus led to blood clotting, which resulted in the agonizing pain in the poor man's penis.

The man, whose identity is not known at the moment suffered extreme penile pain for three days before a urologist prescribed some tests. The 41-year-old man told the doctors that the pain started following an erection while having sex.

Radiologist Seyed Morteza Bagheri and a colleague from the Iran University of Medical Sciences noted in the journal Clinical Case Reports that the man's discomfort couldn't be attributed to any trauma to his pelvic area. Nothing out of the ordinary was found apart from the fact that he had tested positive for COVID three weeks earlier.

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Condition of blood clotting

Nothing of concern, however, was found in his COVID illness. He suffered mild symptoms including fever, cough, and fatigue. He did not take any medication.

The tests established that the man had a case of 'thrombosis of deep dorsal penile vein.' It is a condition of blood clotting in a vein that runs along the whole length of the penis and is involved in the supply of oxygenated blood to it.

The doctors administered a blood-thinning medication to the man and after two months, his discomfort disappeared. "Two months after starting the treatment, patient's symptoms were completely disappeared and he had no penile pain during erection and sexual disturbances anymore," the medics wrote in the journal.

Rare side effect

According to scientists, apart from causing respiratory problems, the coronavirus might even increase the tendency of blood to clot. This is often the cause of death. Doctors, however, noted that the symptom experienced by the man was a very rare side effect of the virus. Blood clotting due to coronavirus usually occurs in someone suffering from a clotting disorder.

"Searching the literature showed no previously published similar case of deep dorsal penile vein thrombosis following COVID-19 infection and our patient is the first reported case," Mr. Morteza Bagheri said.