Iran Warns Its 'Ready for War' With US While Unveiling Ballistic Missile That Can Destroy American Bases

The weapon has the ability to travel 434 miles, which is more than double the nation's current missile range, as per reports

Iran has unveiled the latest naval ballistic missile that doubles the military strike range and is capable of destroying the US bases in the Gulf. The state-backed media organization Press TV posted a video that showed the thrid generation Zolfaqar-e-Basir rocket.

As per the latest report, the weapon can travel 434 miles, which is more than double the nation's current missile range. The US has been accusing Iran of exporting terrorism all over the Middle East. It has a number of military bases in the region including in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, UAE, and Kuwait.

Iran US Tensions

Iran's national flag
Iran's national flag Reuters

As the Persian Gulf is up to around 210 miles wide, the latest Iranian rocket has the ability to destroy the targets from anywhere in the area. Commander Major General Hossein Salami, who is the head of the Iran Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, stated that the weapon that was developed despite the crippling economic sanctions, which were imposed by the US President Donal Trump.

"The war underway today is one of willpower. The Iranian nation continues down this path with conviction by clearly recognizing its way forward," he stated as reported by the Daily Star. He mentioned that Iran is totally prepared for the war with the United States also stating that Tehran had used the sanctions as an opportunity to make advancements in the defensive areas.

The second-generation of the surface-to-surface Zolfaqar-e-Basir was used for attacking US troops at the Ain al-Assad airbase located in Iraq, as per reports. The assault was in retaliation to the killing of Major General Qasem Soleimani in a drone attack ordered by the US president that happened outside the Baghdad airport. The killing of Soleimani that took place in January drastically increased the tensions between the US and Iran, which led to Tehran pulling out the Obama-era nuclear deal it had signed with the powers of the western world.

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