Iran Video: Bodies after bodies of dead Iranian coronavirus victims being brought out of hospital

  • The social media users claimed that the video was that of medical workers

  • A larger number of health workers were also are among the dead

  • According to Iran HRM, 78 health workers including doctors have died of COVID 19

  • Every 12 minutes somebody died of new Coronavirus in Iran

A viral video has emerged online that shows bodies are bodies of dead Iranian coronavirus victims being brought out of a hospital in Iran for a mass funeral.

The heartbreaking video that has been shared widely on social media is claimed to be from a Tehran hospital that witnessed a large number of deaths.

The video shows the moment vehicles carrying bodies of dead coronavirus victims being wheeled out of the hospital while mourners stood at a distance at a barricade watching.

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The social media users claimed that the video was that of medical workers, who worked at the Iran hospital and had died of coronavirus. The veracity of the claim can not be established independently.

As per the figures released by the Iranian regime, which is known for hiding facts, the number of dead coronavirus deaths in Iran had reached over 5,000. A Reuters report on April 22 said that the death toll from the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Iran rose by 94 in the past 24 hours to 5,391.

The Islamic Republic has 85,996 diagnosed cases. These figures, however, are in complete contrast to those presented by Iran Human Rights Monitor, which claims that 14,200 Iranians have died over the weekend, while 78 healthcare workers were among died in Iran's coronavirus crisis.

"The deaths of the Iranian healthcare workers from COVID-19 have shed light on severe lack of necessary medical items and standard protective gear in under-equipped hospitals across the country," Iran HRM said in its official statement.

The health workers in Iran since the beginning of the outbreak have lamented about the asolute lack of personal protective equipment. According a report, medical health professionals in Iran's under-equipped hospitals were dying after contracting coronavirus (COVID-19) as they lacked basic protective equipment, like masks and gloves.

Mehdi Hosseini Nejad, the head of Industry and Mine Organization in the province of Kerman told Iran Focus that 41 percent of healthcare workers in his region are coronavirus infected as the Iranian regime had not provided PPEs to the medical workers.

The report in Iran Focus revealed that in Iran the coronavirus situation was so bad that every 12 minutes somebody was dying of Coronavirus.