Iran state media releases footage of missile attack on US base

State media releases footage of the missile attack carried out on Tuesday on US bases in Iraq; says no Iraqi citizens were harmed

The Iranian state media has released the footage of the direct attack on the US base in Iraq as a retaliation of the assassination of the Iranian Commander. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps' attack on the Ein Al- Assad and Irbil in Iraq after Soleimani's death was confirmed by the Pentagon on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted that 'all is well' and said that he will release a statement about the attack soon. Countries with troops in Iraq are rushing to identify and protect the troops and diplomats located in the country.

Launched several missiles to the bases in Iraq

The video released by Fars news agency showed the launch of the missiles to the bases in Iraq. Pentagon confirmed that the launches happened from Iran. Iran's attacks were condemned by Dominic Raab, UK Foreign Secretary calling it a 'reckless and dangerous' and asked them not to repeat it.

According to a Beijing bureau researcher of a news media outlet, the Iranian embassy had posted about the missile strikes on Weibo, a social networking site in China saying that "the end of the US's evil force in western Asia has begun."

Iraqi's weren't harmed during the attack by the Iranian missiles in the US bases. The prime minister's security cell office the missile barrage lasted for 30 minutes from 1.45 AM and included 22 projectiles, out of which 17 landed on the Al Asad base, and two of it failed to explode. Along with these five missiles struck the city of Erbil in the north.