Iran Seizes Two US Surveillance Vessels During Counter-Terror Operation in Red Sea - Report

The Iranian Navy has seized two unmanned surveillance vessels operated by the United States in the Red Sea.

The incident happened on Thursday and the US vessels were detained only briefly. IANS news agency reported that the Iranian vessels were carrying out a counter-terrorism mission in the Red Sea.

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During the operation, the Iranian Navy's destroyer Jamaran encountered US unmanned surveillance vessels on the international shipping route.

"After warning the American side twice to prevent possible accidents, the Jamaran destroyer seized two (surveillance) vessels," IANS reported, citing Xinhua.

"After securing the international shipping route, the 84th Naval Group of the (Iranian) Army released the two vessels in a safe area and warned the American fleet not to repeat similar cases," the agency added.

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The 84th Navy Group of the Iranian Army has been stationed in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden for the past two months.

On Tuesday, Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy briefly seized a straying US unmanned vessel in the Gulf to secure a shipping line and prevent accidents, according to the semi-official Tasnim News Agency.