Iran releases image of 'damaged' black boxes from Ukraine flight 752

  • Investigators from Ukraine, Canada, and US to probe the crash

  • Both flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder has been retrieved from the crash

Iran has shared the first images of the black box retrieved from the doomed Ukraine International Airlines.

The Iranian government in an attempt to fend off the allegations that an Iranian missile mistakenly shot down the passenger plane has agreed to allow investigators from Ukraine, Canada, and even the US to probe the crash.

The Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800, eight minutes are taking-off from Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran at 6:12 am on January 8.

The crate containing purportedly the two black boxes recovered from the crashed Ukrainian airliner, Boeing 737-800

In the meantime, Iran has also granted Ukraine access to the black box. Iran has said that it will first analyze the black box and will try to retrieve data from the flight data recorder.

And in the event it fails to retrieve the data, it will ask for help from other foreign countries, an Iranian official told the media. According to aviation experts, data retrieval is a time-consuming task, especially if the black box is damaged.

There are doubts being raised whether Iran has the expertise to extract data from a damaged black box.

The black box is a crucial component of an aircraft as it is used to reconstruct the events leading to a plane crash.

It is also known as Flight data recorder (FDR). It is placed inside a steel container and is surrounded by multiple layers of insulation so that it remains protected against crash, fire, and extreme climatic conditions.

black box

It records actual flight conditions, including altitude, airspeed, heading, vertical acceleration and aircraft pitch. Another device cockpit voice recorder (CVR) records radio transmissions and sounds in the cockpit, such as the pilot's voices and engine noises.

The Iranian officials have retrieved both FDR and CVR from the crashed Boeing aircraft.

Ukraine that already has sent a 45-member team of investigators in Tehran is probing several angles including the possibility that the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 was shot down by Iran.

Ukrainian International Airlines flight 752, a Boeing 737-800, crashed mere hours after Tehran launched missiles on US military targets in Iraq in retaliation for the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

At the time of the UIA flight 752 crash, the Iranian military was on full alert and was anticipating an aerial response. A total of 176 people on board the UIA flight 752 died in the crash.

Iran Ukraine has revealed that its investigation agencies will be probing several angles including the possibility that the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 was shot down by Iran using a Russian surface-to-air missile.