Iran mobilizes army to tackle COVID-19 as Coronavirus death rate reaches 3.3% in the country

The Islamic Republic of Iran has till now registered over 2,300 cases of coronavirus and 77 deaths due to the epidemic

Iran has so far recorded over 2,300 confirmed cases of the deadly coronavirus which has claimed 77 deaths till date. With so many deaths it has become one of the most affected countries by the fatal virus. A lot of countries including the US, and India have placed a ban on arrivals and departures to Iran.

The country's coronavirus death rate stands at 3.3 percent, which is much higher as compared to the other nations battling the COVID-19 crisis. With the number of dead reaching 77 and infected cases over 2,300, Iranian authorities have decided to mobilize its army to battle coronavirus.

Iran prepared to call in Army for helping tackle coronavirus

Coronavirus status as of 3 March, 2020
Coronavirus status as of 3 March, 2020 GISAID

According to AP, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has asked to rally 300,000 soldiers and volunteers to combat the virus. "Whatever helps public health and prevents the spread of the disease is good and what helps to spread it is sin," he said.

Meanwhile, the Iranian authorities have also issued warnings against people defying coronavirus related health warnings with punishment including jail time or flogging. The warning came after video of people licking the walls of holy shrine went viral on social media.

"Those doing such unconventional acts are publishing fake and superstitious news against the officials in the country. Such people would face two months to two years [in] jail and up to 74 lashes as punishment," said MP Hasan Nowrozi. The two men, who were seen licking the walls and gate of the shrine, have been arrested by the authorities

Apart from infected the masses, coronavirus has also penetrated into the administration of the Iranian government infecting nearly 23 MPs along with Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi, and the head of Iran's emergency services, Hossein Kolivand.

Videos of Iran doctors and nurses dancing trend on Twitter

Battered by the raging coronavirus cases in the country, the doctors and nurses of Iran went on a dancing spree, as a series of videos show them uplifting the morale of the patients and colleagues in difficult times. The healthcare professionals wearing complete protective gear completed with hazmat suits and masks could be seen dancing to peppy numbers to uplift the mood in the gloomy times.

The viral videos have generated lot of response on Twitter with users commending the efforts of the doctors and nurses. "To relieve the unbelievable amount of stress they're facing, nurses and doctors from #Iran are sharing their dance videos to keep everyone's spirits up. They're the true heroes fighting the #Coronavirus epidemic on the front lines of this battle. #COVID19," wrote one user.

"In #Iran, panic and fear are spreading around along with #coronavirus. Nurses and doctors, at the forefront of fighting this disease, are not only doing their job with devotion but also trying to boost courage and hope in the society with these cute Iranian dances," wrote another.

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