Iran Hangs Woman Who Died of Heart Attack Watching 16 Others Being Executed, While Waiting Her Turn

In a bizarre and a shocking case of "hanging" the dead body, an Iranian woman was hanged after she died of a heart attack after watching 16 executions before her.

Zahra Ismaili Zahra Ismaili who killed her abusive and cruel husband, a senior officer in Ministry of Intelligence in 2017, was subjected to the brutality of being hanged even after dying. It is being said that Zahra killed her husband out of self defense.

As she was waiting to be executed, she witnessed 16 men being hanged which resulted in heart attack and subsequent death. However, her death was not enough for the cruel guards as they went ahead and "hanged" her dead body. The worst part being the vengeance supported by the authorities who allowed her husband's mother to kick the stool from beneath the "corpse" of Zahra.

Zahra Ismail

Social Media Terms "Hanging" as Barbaric; Calls for Discontinuation

The social media has reacted strongly to the news as a large number of followers feel that "executions" should be discontinued. A faction of people also stated that such brutalities should not be ignored and called upon the human rights activists to take up the cause more strongly than ever.

A faction of people expressed shock over the fact that gender equality is nowhere to be seen in countries like Iran. They indicated towards another horrific detail in the report which stated that Zahra's son helped his grandmother in kicking the stool from beneath the dead body of his own mother.

A report published by The Mirror stated that Zahra's daughter was named a co-conspirator in the killing of her husband and was awarded five years jail. The report also referred to the statement given by a human rights group that Zahra's lawyer Omid Moradi had claimed that she had died of heart attack and her dead body was hung by the guards.

On the other hand, the Iran HR Director Mahmood Amiry- Moghaddam in a statement given to The Mirror justified the complete act stating that the regime uses execution to instill dear into general population.

A Twitter user wrote, "Medieval regime: Iranian woman dies of heart attack before execution, still gets hanged."