Iran gears up for satellite launch as US claims its missile tests

The US believes that the launch is a cover to test ballistic missiles

Iran has confirmed its move towards the next attempt at satellite launch after several failed attempts last year. The new imagery from space shared by commercial satellites with a news media showed Iran making repairs and preparing for another launch.

The program that is set by the country is believed to be a cover for ballistic missile tests by the US. Iranian Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi tweeted after an article was published by the US's National Public Radio regarding the satellite imagery obtained from Planet satellite, saying that the site was being prepared for the launch of a satellite into the orbit.

Will this be another failed attempt?

Imam Khomeini Space Center
Imam Khomeini Space Center Google Maps

Iran is planning on launching five satellites according to the reports by IRNA. The Zafar satellite is the one that is being prepped for the launch. Iran has had a few failed attempts in the past year while trying to launch the satellite. During an interview, Azari-Jahromi said that the satellites were tested and is being readied for the launch.

The IRNA also discussed the backlash the Iranian government was facing for the launch of the satellites. An article said that military missile launch and a satellite launch is completely different in several aspects.

Satellite planned to use for imaging

The difference can be identified in the system integration and system design. An official told the news agency that the ballistic missile "is used in hostility and should be capable of operating quickly and with high mobility". The important aspect of a satellite launch is that it is carried out in different stages and is for civilian purposes.

The satellite is planned to use for imaging, sending and saving messages. Tehran has also denied the US accusation of using the activity as a cover for developing and testing missiles. The US has been trying to understand Iran's nuclear capability and control it ever since it imposed the sanctions and retrieved itself from the international accord designed to curbs Iran's nuclear program.

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