iPhone8 to make biggest mistake? Latest leaks reveal scary design

Latest images leaked show a couple of iPhone 8's scary design, including the fingerprint scanner on the back panel.

If the latest leaks on iPhone 8 design are true, Apple is about to make a huge mistake, which many call the worst possible nightmare the company would have done in years. According to reports, Apple's next generation flagship smartphone will have the fingerprint scanner on the back panel and the Touch ID sensor on the screen itself.

Leaked designs

A couple of images broke out on Weibo showing details of the forthcoming iPhone 8. Some of the leaked designs may be familiar to many as they were previously made public. These include the dual camera lenses, one being positioned on top of the other, and a full screen resembling a bezel-less display on the left and right sides.

While these designs may seem agreeable to the community, reports have particularly called the fingerprint scanner design scary and a nightmare. In the leaked image, it has been repositioned from the home button to the rear panel of the device just below the Apple logo.

False reports

In the wake of this iPhone 8 design hullaballoo, BGR notes that these leaked images could be fake. There were schematics released in April that agree well with the recently unveiled images, but it is very easy to change images with a photo-editing software.

However, this speculation cannot be downplayed as many details of Apple's products were revealed first by rumours.

Take it from Samsung

Many tech experts and analysts agree that Apple should learn from rival Samsung as this move is a less strategic one. Samsung had implemented an almost similar move to its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus wherein the sensor is mounted on the back panel right next to the shooter. Apparently, reaching the sensor will most likely smudge the camera as well, which daunted critics say could affect the tool's performance.