iPhone 8 is ditching the home button: Report

New iPhone 8 leaks suggest Apple is ditching the home button of the phone away.

Halfway through the year, a tonne of iPhone 8 rumours and photo leaks have already dominated the tech space and most have been incredibly shocking. The latest image leak particularly suggesting a bezel-less display seems to corroborate with previous rumours. A new information, however, points out that the iPhone 8 has finally ditched the home button.

No home button

According to a report from China-based Economic Daily News, the iPhone 8 is slated to come out in last quarter of the year "without a home button" per its sources from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Apple's chip provider. During the TSMC 2017 NA Technology Symposium in Taipei earlier this week, the chip manufacturer reportedly revealed a number of design changes and new patent applications for the next-generation iPhone.

Other details that had been revealed so far include the optical fingerprint sensor which will be used for direct onscreen authentication. On top of that, the premium camera will have an infrared image sensor for augmented reality functionalities. And instead of the usual 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen, iPhone 8 will get the new 18:5.9 size. This means the iPhone 8 will be taller and slimmer than its predecessors.


On another leak, the iPhone 8 is reported to sport a new screen design. Based on the latest schematics unveiled, the screen of the smartphone will have no bezels on left, right, and bottom sides. The bezel on top will be not be removed to accommodate the front camera, earpiece, and sensor; although they would have to be slimmed a bit.

In the meantime, a Twitter user named Benjamin Geskin shared a CAD image on the social media platform showing the purported vertical camera setup of the device. As previously reported, another circle is poised under the cameras, which has been believed to be the Touch ID sensor.

So far, details of iPhone 8 available include a screen size from 5.1 to 5.2 inches, curved edge-to-edge OLED screen, curved glass rear panel, wireless charging capability, and 10nm A11 processor.