iPhone 8 aka iPhone X final round up: Five exciting things to look out for

The Apple iphone 8 is going to be launched on Tuesday (Sept. 12), so here is a quick summary of the five most exciting things that the phone possesses.

iphone 8

The wait is over. The iPhone 8 aka iPhone X launch day is finally here and all the official specs and features of the most amazing iPhone yet will become public soon. With the launch event just hours away, here's a final round up of the five most exciting things that will be different in this version of the iphone.

The Venue: Steve Jobs Theater

The iPhone 8 aka iPhone X launch event will take place inside the newly-built Steve Jobs Theater, which is a part of Apple's brand new multi-billion dollar campus. Past Apple events were held in San Francisco's Bill Graham Auditorium or at its existing Infinity Loop campus.

The Steve Jobs Theater is a state-of-the-art circular, glass auditorium with a seating capacity of 1,000 people. Apple's new campus, which is officially called Apple Park, looks nothing less than a 'Spaceship' and is located just few miles south of Apple's One Infinity Loop headquarters in Cupertino, California.

How Tim Cook takes to the stage

In September 2007, Steve Jobs launched the original iPhone. The Apple CEO, dressed in his trademark black turtle-neck T-shirt and blue jeans, made many fans following the launch. Steve Jobs continued to make appearances on the stage and ultimately became a legend in the tech world. Now, his successor Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple Inc. enjoys a fan-following of his own. Ever since Tim Cook launched the iPhone 5, he has taken the onus on himself. He dresses up in a black shirt and walks across the stage, something that's reminiscent of Steve Jobs. This year too, Tim Cook will take to the stage in what may be Apple's biggest launch event ever.

The other iPhones: iPhone 7s and 7s Plus

The iPhone X will undoubtedly be the star of the show. All eyes will be on the next-generation of the iPhone, but there are other iPhones that will likely be launched alongside as well. The successors to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus may not be all about the incremental 'S' moniker that is more evolutionary than revolutionary. In all likeability, they will be powered by the same processor as the iPhone X and will run the yet-to-be-released iOS 11.

iOS 11 and Siri

Apple's operating system is the most refined smartphone operating system. It's fast, it's fluid and it has a premium. The iOS 11 will take the refinement to a whole new level, and will come with improved augmented reality support, apart from the other niceties that every upgrade of ther iOS guarantees, like improved battery life.

iOS 11 will also come with an improved, better than ever version of Siri. Apple's digital assistant will now support more apps and have access across most of the phone's functions.

iPhone X's security features

The iPhone X aka iPhone 8 was previously rumored to be the first smartphone with an on-screen fingerprint reader. The iPhone X edge-to-edge screen ruled out the presence of a physical home button that housed the TouchID fingerprint sensor. The absence of the iconic TouchID Home button in the leaked renders hinted at the possibility of the on-screen security feature. However, Apple reportedly could not get their on-screen fingerprint tech right in time for the iPhone X launch. To make up for this, Apple is said to have doubled the facial recognition capabilities of the iPhone X, ditching TouchID altogether. How better is the facial recognition technology compared to Samsung's Iris scanner remains to be seen.