iPhone 7 Plus outshines Google Pixel in speed-comparison test

iPhone 7 Plus wins in the overall-performance benchmark across various synthetic and real-world speed tests.

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 Plus speed test
Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 Plus speed-comparison test Supersaf TV

Power-hungry smartphone users are in for some exciting news as Google Pixel phone goes up against Apple's flagship iPhone 7 Plus in synthetic and real-world speed tests. Folks at SuperSaf TV have tried to evaluate if Google's own hardware and software could perform better than the Apple's latest iPhone in their series of Geekbench 3 tests, using both third and first-party apps.

As far as hardware similarities are concerned, Google Pixel's 5in full HD display goes up against the iPhone 7 Plus's 5.5in 1080p display while both the phones feature quad-core processors in Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 and A10 Fusion chip respectively.

In terms of system memory, the Pixel phone ships with 4GB of RAM while the iPhone 7 Plus features just 3GB of RAM.

Despite the major hardware similarities between the two phones, the iPhone 7 Plus undoubtedly finishes on top in both the single-core and multi-core processor tests. Here are the scoring details in each of the processor tests for both the smartphones:

  • Pixel single-core score: 1565
  • Pixel multi-core score: 4103
  • iPhone 7 Plus single-core score: 3488
  • iPhone 7 Plus multi-core score: 5590

In case of the camera-app launch test, the Google Pixel is noticeably faster wherein you can launch the app by quick double-pressing of the Standby button. In contrast, one can launch the camera app on the iPhone 7 Plus by activating the display with a quick-press of the Standby/Power button and then swiping the lock screen to the left.

SuperSaf TV has also tested the loading speed for various processor-intensive apps like games such as Angry Birds 2 and Subway Surfers, along with some lightweight apps like calculator, native browser, YouTube, Instagram and a few others.

There seems to be no clear winner between the two phones in the lightweight-app category while the heavyweight or processor-intensive speed test goes in favour of the iPhone 7 Plus, given its sublime performance with a faster processor onboard.

Google Pixel takes the honours for winning the camera-UI speed test while the iPhone 7 Plus takes the winner's title for its overall performance across various speed tests.

[Source: Supersaf TV]