iPhone 7 outplays Galaxy Note 7 in real-world speed test

Galaxy Note 7 fails to impress in real-world speed tests, despite featuring more processor-cores and larger RAM.

Samsung's newest flagship-phablet faces the ignominy of being outplayed by the iPhone 6s as well as the iPhone 7 in the latest real-world speed-tests conducted by PhoneBuff. The real-world tests include speed comparisons of the two rival smartphones across multiple categories including loading times for common apps and games like Camera, Photos, Angry Birds and Asphalt 8.

With due credit to its new A10 Fusion chip onboard, the iPhone 7 runs remarkably faster than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820-based Note 7. The overall load time for 14 apps at the end of lap one for the new iPhone is 1 minute and 14 seconds while the Note 7 finishes at just over 2 minutes.

By the end of the second lap, the iPhone 7 is more than a minute ahead of the Note 7 in the real-world speed test. This comes as a big surprise, as Apple's A-series processors typically have fewer cores and the iPhone 7 ships with just 2GB RAM as opposed to 4GB RAM on the new Galaxy Note.

Also, check out how the iPhone 6s annihilates the Galaxy Note 7 in a similar speed test, in another intriguing video (below):