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Apple's highly-anticipated flagship phone, the iPhone 7, will be unveiled at a special media event on 7 September at the Graham Bell Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California. The event will kick off in just over 24 hours at 10:00am PST or 1:00pmET wherein the iPhone maker is also expected to launch the iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch 2.

Apple will be live-streaming the event on numerous digital platforms and devices including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Windows and Android devices. For the uninitiated, here are the detailed instructions:

Apple iPhone 7 launch live: How to watch on Mac

Mac users can stream the event live via Safari web-browser by navigating to the URL: apple.com/live. The live stream will be available at 10am local time (1pm ET) on 7 September.

Note: The event cannot be run in any other desktop browsers like Firefox or Chrome as they are not supported with Apple live streams.

Apple iPhone 7 launch live: How to watch on PC or Windows 10

Windows users can stream the event live only through the Microsoft Edge browser, which is an exclusively integrated feature in Windows 10. Officially, no other browsers are supported with Apple live-streaming services for Windows or PC.

If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser, just point it to the URL: http://www.apple.com/apple-events/september-2016/

Nevertheless, one can try downloading the latest version of VLC player and then point it to this link.

Apple iPhone 7 launch live: How to watch on Android

There is only one workaround to watch the iPhone 7 live-stream event on Android wherein you need to download latest version of VLC player and then open the app, navigate to app's menu, select the Stream option and then paste the following link:

Then hit the play button to start streaming the live video. If the link appears to be broken or streaming too slow then wait for some time or until the event officially kicks off as you can then find the direct URL of live stream.

Apple iPhone 7 launch live: How to watch on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

All iOS 7 users can live-stream the Apple event on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by pointing their Safari browser to the URL: http://www.apple.com/apple-events/september-2016/

Apple iPhone 7 launch live: How to watch on Apple TV

If you own the Apple TV 4, just download the Apple Events app from the tvOS App Store for free and you are all set to watch the event live at the comfort of your couch.

If you are stuck on Apple TV 3 or Apple TV 2 with Apple TV v5.0.2 firmware or later, then go to Apple Events channel with event logo on the main menu and you can watch the action live on your television.

Apple iPhone 7 launch live: When and how to watch the keynote live?

The high-profile Apple event is expected to kick-off at 10am US local time on 7 September. Check out the event start timings in various time-zones across the globe in the screenshot (below):

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Alternatively, you can click here to see the bigger version of the image (above). Please note the following descriptions for the image:

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