iPhone 6s shutting down unexpectedly: Apple offers free battery replacement

Apple offers to replace faulty battery units on iPhone 6s affected with unexpected shutdown issues.

Apple iPhone 6s battery replacement program
Apple iPhone 6s battery replacement program Apple

Apple is offering a free battery replacement program for all affected iPhone 6s units with unexpected shutdown issues across the globe. All those iPhone 6s devices that were manufactured between September and October 2015 are reportedly equipped with a faulty battery, which will be replaced under the new repair program for three years from the date of the first retail purchase of the unit.

This is the second repair program from Apple after the company had earlier offered a global replacement program for all iPhone 6 Plus units affected with Touch Disease that causes the display to flicker and lose touch sensitivity.

It is further ascertained that the free battery-repair/replacement offer would be restricted to the original country of purchase. However, the wireless carrier providers will not be participating in this worldwide program.

Affected users are advised to call up Apple to determine if the replacement service is available on that day, before taking their faulty units to the nearest Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorised Service Provider in their locality. Thereby users can get the device's serial number checked, before the free battery-replacement service can be authorised.

All affected units will be examined for screen cracks and damages as it could hinder the battery-replacement service. Those who have already paid for the battery repair service will be refunded the entire amount, except for the accidental damages and screen cracks.

Users are advised to backup important data and settings on their affected device by using iTunes or iCloud. Furthermore, it is recommended to disable the Find My iPhone feature in Settings > iCloud and then wipe data and Settings via Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings.