iPhone 11 release shocker: Apple 'Canceling' this year's flagship phone?

Apple is expected to finally foray into multimedia streaming serviceApple.com (screen-grab)
Apple is expected to finally foray into multimedia streaming service Apple.com screen-grab

The iPhone 11 release seems to be getting overshadowed by Apple's rumored 2020 line-up.

Not only are the 2020 smartphones expected to be more powerful thanks to 5G capabilities, but they are also expected to offer some groundbreaking features that'll make buying an iPhone this year seem ridiculous. First, Apple could be introducing a state-of-the-art in-display technology that we haven't seen from any phone -- the return of the touch ID, but this time, the ID sensor will fill up the whole iPhone screen.

The rumor is backed by Apple's supposed patents on in-display Touch ID wherein the company filed not just one but five applications. If all these are true then it might be rewarding to hold on your current iPhone until next year.

Amid all the news of the iPhone 11 being "ugly" or downright inferior to other models and its future version, it might not come as a surprise that Apple could be killing off its premium 5.8 inch X/ XS/ 11 this year and will just be replaced by what's now being dubbed as the iPhone SE 2.

According to Forbes, Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo revealed the Cupertino giant's radical move to start promoting a (much) smaller iPhone that'll be equipped with flagship specs. Kuo said that Apple will be replacing the 5.8 in phones with a significantly smaller 5.4 iOS smartphone.

The new phone will sport a bezel-less design and it's said to be so compact that users won't have a hard time holding it with one hand. If so, then it'll be the Apple's first small, premium model. In comparison, the iPhone 8 is also 5.44 in, however, it did not much the specs and performance of the much-bigger iPhone 8 Plus.

If true, this seems like a smart move for Apple who has recorded excellent sales when it comes to smaller models, particularly the SE. Comparing sales figures, the 5.8-inch iPhone is a less practical buy compared to the relatively affordable 6.1 inches iPhone XR. The iPhone XE, on the other hand, continues to sell out every time Apple releases new stock. An iPhone SE 2 might have similar demand.

Should Apple indeed come out with the SE 2 this year, then they are truly at an advantage since they will be the only one who'll be offering a power, smaller and more convenient phone in the market.

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