'Ip Man' actor Simon Yam stabbed in abdomen in China [VIDEO]

Simon Yam
Simon Yam YouTube grab

Simon Yam, 64, the famous Hong Kong actor was stabbed in abdomen on Saturday on a stage in China.

As reported by the local media, this incident happened when he was attending a promotional event in the southern Chinese city of Zhongshan.

The 'Ip Man' movie actor was speaking on stage during an event when one unnamed man suddenly moved towards him and stabbed him in the abdomen. The videos of the incident are circulating online.

The man, who stabbed Yam, was captured in the video, which showed that the man took a weapon out of his pocket before charging towards the actor. Then he was trying to hurt Yam repeatedly as the actor was moving away to save himself but somehow the man stabbed Yam.

The video also captured the reactions from the audience, who witnessed the entire scene and screamed in shock.

However, the footage showed that a security officer somehow managed to catch the man at the spot.

At Sina Entertainment, a spokesperson for the actor stated that Yam was conscious after he was stabbed by the man and was taken to hospital, where he is getting all the treatment for the wounds.