iOS hacker Luca Todesco reveals working jailbreak for iOS 10 beta 8

Prolific iOS hacker Luca Todesco demonstrates working jailbreak for iOS 10 beta 8 via YouTube.

Prolific iOS hacker Luca Todesco has returned to spotlight with his recent revelation about a working jailbreak for iOS 10 beta 8 via YouTube. In his latest video depicting a semi-untethered jailbreak for the pre-release version of iOS 10, Todesco demonstrates a successful 64-bit jailbreak running on a 9.7in iPad Pro.

The jailbreak dubbed as 'yaluX' can be invoked using an app via Home screen wherein the app can be sideloaded using the integrated jailbreak injection code created by the prolific hacker. The app supports a one-click jailbreak button and Cydia can be accessed via Home screen for that particular session.

In other words, it is imperative to re-jailbreak the device after every reboot or device restart by reconnecting it to the computer, before trying to access Cydia in order to prevent unexpected jailbreak app-crashes. Todesco's new jailbreak works similar to Pangu's semi-untethered solution for iOS 9.3.3.

Todesco's contribution seems significant for the iOS jailbreak community as an iPad Pro has been successfully jailbroken on the latest beta iteration of iOS 10 despite Apple's kernel patch protection (KPP) installed on the most recent pre-release version of iOS.

As the hacker asserts on Twitter, the installed Cydia app uninstalls itself from the Home screen in iOS 10 due to some incompatibility problem with the installed jailbreak and the latest version of iOS. The Cydia founder Saurik will be too keen on addressing this incompatibility issue ahead of the official iOS 10 release.

If the past track record for jailbreak teases is any indication, Todesco and other veteran group of iOS hackers are unlikely to release a public version of iOS 10 jailbreak anytime soon. However, several of these veteran jailbreakers seem too keen on showcasing their hacking skills whenever Apple tries to patch up all known exploits with its subsequent iOS firmware updates.

Despite the gloomy jailbreak scene at the moment, one can rest assured that either TaiG or Pangu jailbreak team will come to the rescue of prospective jailbreakers at some point following the public release of iOS10. Pangu team's recent success with demonstrating a working jailbreak for iOS 10 further strengthens this claim.