iOS 10: Elusive Dark Mode feature surfaces in Settings app

Prolific jailbreak developer Andy Wiik shares some stunning screenshots showcasing the Dark Mode feature in Settings app.

Prolific jailbreak developer Andy Wiik recently revealed some Dark Mode resources hidden within iOS 10's Messages app while his extended research during the weekend has lead to the discovery of new Dark Mode feature for the Settings app.

Wiik has now shared a bunch of new screenshots showcasing the Dark Mode feature running via iOS simulator in the Settings app, which confirms there is a genuine reason for the existence of Dark Mode resources in iOS 10 and it is not just an accident.

Although Apple has been testing out the Dark Mode feature for a long time, the feature is still officially unavailable in iOS 10. Nevertheless, Dark Mode fans can check out this functionality through a dark interface mode in tvOS 10 for the fourth-gen Apple TV, automatic Dark Mode in the iBooks and Safari's Reader Mode with choice of setting Black colour for the background.

Apart from the black interface option for TV Shows and Movies in iTunes Store app, iOS 10 now brings the new Clock app with a dark or black colour theme.

With Apple poised to launch its OLED iPhones sometime later this year or early next year, we could actually see the advent of Dark Mode with iOS 11. All OLED devices including Apple Watch carry a dark interface to support energy savings.

As iDownloadBlog notes, the Dark Mode feature will help reduce the battery consumption on your future iPhones, thanks to their unique OLED technology that works without backlighting unlike the older LCD technology.

As LCDs require backlighting to display images on them, a dark interface on an LCD screen does not help conserve battery charge.