iOS 10 beta offers unencrypted kernel, enables easy access to security exploits and jailbreaks

Security researchers confirm that iOS 10 beta brings open access to jailbreak exploits via unencrypted kernel.

iOS 10 beta surprisingly features an unencrypted kernel that has baffled most security experts as it also enables a easier access to various security exploits and paves the way to jailbreak Apple's newest mobile operating system. Apart from discovering security flaws, iOS hackers can now easily access vulnerabilities for iOS 10 jailbreak and release hack tools once the iOS 10 public version rolls out in the fall.

Apple has resorted to the bold new strategy with the intent of enabling third-party security experts to point out flaws and bugs so that it can fix them in the iOS 10 final release, reports MIT Technology Review.

Meanwhile, renowned iOS hacker and security expert, Jonathan Zdziarski, has backed Apple's strategy to leave the core kernel unencrypted in iOS 10, given its intent of gathering massive details about all existing exploits and bugs in its code ahead of iOS 10 public release.

Furthermore, it is ascertained that Apple aims to discourage the trend of hackers selling security exploits to law enforcement bodies like the FBI did with the San Bernardino shooting case.

An open kernel in iOS 10 could just revive fan hopes of seeing yet another untethered jailbreak when Apple releases iOS 10 public version in September. On the contrary, the possibility of Apple taking a U-turn and encrypting the kernel with iOS 10 final release cannot be ruled out.