iOS 10.3.1 downgrade exploit might be available soon

Zimperium's Adam Donenfeld vows to release the iOS 10.3.1 downgrade exploit today.

ios 10 jailbreak

Jailbreak fanatics, hold your horses! An iOS 10.3.1 downgrade exploit is likely to drop any time now as Zimperium's Adam Donenfeld teased on Twitter the big reveal on Monday. The possible exploit to be released is intended for 64-bit devices.

The jailbreak community has been eagerly waiting for an exploit so users whose devices running on the iOS 10.3.1 can downgrade to the iOS 10.2 for jailbreak with yalu102 purposes. The exploit has been expected to become available before the Hack in the Box conference in Singapore takes place on Tuesday.

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Until this time, no release has happened. Donenfeld took to Twitter to answer the mystery behind the delay, saying the exploit should arrive on Tuesday if things go as planned.

The Zimperium team is in Singapore to discuss the current state of iOS vulnerabilities and the privilege escalation that is very much essential in the jailbreak community.

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Stay tuned for updates!

This article was first published on August 23, 2017