iOS 10.2 jailbreak apps
iOS 10.2 jailbreak: Top Cydia apps and tweaks for this week revealed

iOS jailbreakers have finally received the most stable iOS 10 – 10.2 jailbreak till date, thanks to the release of yalu102 jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Saurik has recently addressed Cydia Substrate issues in iOS 10 jailbreak with latest Cydia builds (v1.1.29 and v1.1.30) including a host of bug-fixes and performance improvements.

Consequently, a new bunch of free Cydia apps and tweaks have surfaced online with full support for jailbroken iOS 10 devices. IBTimes SG explores some of those top apps and tweaks for the week that can help you enjoy the full potential of a jailbroken device. Here is the full list of free Cydia apps and tweaks:

Low Power Modder

Customise the Low Power Mode to activate at a specific battery percentage. For instance, you can set the custom percentage to 70, so that the Low Power Mode kicks in when your iPhone/iPad battery level reaches 70%.

You can also set this feature to activate while charging and thereby conserve battery power even when you have left the device idle. This mod is available as free download via BigBoss repo.


The Unify tweak enables you to organise or group your iOS 10 notifications on both the Notification Center and Lock screen. The tweak is available for download via repository.


Configure the filters to block certain words in your iMessage conversations using MessageFilter app. It's a handy tool to ensure that pranksters don't misuse your phone to send abusive text messages to someone while you are away. Download this app for free via BigBoss repo.

Send Delay

You can now specify the duration by which you want to delay sending a message after clicking the Send button in your Messages app. This feature comes in handy to make last-minute corrections to your messages or cancel it, if you accidentally sent it to the wrong person. Download this nifty tool for free via Bigboss repo.


Enjoy a clean, white look on the notifications and widgets interface with 3DLight. The tweak is available for free download via BigBoss repo.

Camera Tools

Enjoy a neat and clutter-free user interface with this tweak as it allows you to hide unwanted camera modes and features on the camera screen. The app is available as free download via BigBoss repo.


This tweak enables you to restrict WiFi access to a specified list of apps while denying access to the rest. It's a good way to conserve memory and battery resources by preventing Wi-Fi related background services from launching. Get this app for free via BigBoss repo.