iOS 10.2 jailbreak: This week's free tweaks and updates

Here are the tweaks compatible with iOS 10.2 jailbreak that you should know.

New jailbreak updates and changes are sometimes overwhelming, most especially when they come in huge batches. To make it easy for you which tweaks are notable, free and useful, we bring you this week's free tweaks and updates that are compatible with iOS 10.2.


Jailbroken iOS device owners who wish to adopt Android's pattern lock screen without having to switch to Android, LockDroid can take care of you.


This tweak notifies you once your device connects and disconnects from a Wi-Fi network. Users are now allowed to add blacklist and whitelist Wi-Fi networks.

Fake Call History

In case you want to add fake calls on your call logs, Fake Call History can do that for you.


This tweak allows you to shut down their phones in different ways for improved user experience. For example, turning off a phone can be done by sliding the power button. Safe mode is added here too.


SwitcherCC is an app switcher and Control Center rolled into one. The idea of this integration is to for users to save a relatively great amount of space.


For users who play the music on a regular basis, this tweak should help you big time. WakeTunes prompts the iOS device's screen to turn on in between an ending song and the following one.


PlsIgnoreAlert gives you the option to put a Dismiss button to alerts. Apparently, there are some apps that push alerts to you without such a button or anything that would allow you to get out of that alert. Jailbroken devices are prone to receiving such an alert.


IconKeyb10 tweaks your entire keyboard. It replaces the numbers with their emoji counterpart.

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