iOS 10.0.1 Gold Master vs iOS 9.3.5 speed test: Should you really upgrade?

New iOS performance comparison results posted by iAppleBytes helps determine if the iOS 10 upgrade is really worth it.

Apple has just seeded its final-beta iteration of iOS 10 aka iOS 10.0.1 Gold Master for beta testers, ahead of its public release on 13 September. The new iOS version will reportedly bring revamped Music and News app, new Home app, and a bunch of enhanced features for the native apps as well as the user interface.

With the iOS 10 final release just around the corner, the internet is already abuzz with discussions and debates over its performance and speed in relation to iOS 9.3.5 on the iPhone or iPad.

With due credit to the video tests posted by iAppleBytes on YouTube, it is now possible to determine the performance of iOS 10.0.1 across a bunch of iPhone models and an iPad Air in comparison with Apple's latest public release, the iOS 9.3.5.

The first performance test clearly suggests that the iOS 10.0.1 has considerably slower boot times than the iOS 9.3.5 on the iPhone 5 while the older firmware seems faster in every other test on this ageing smartphone including quicker loading of apps and faster opening of webpages.

iOS 10.0.1 appears sluggish on the iPhone 5s as well with slower boot times and app load times in contrast to the iOS 9.3.5. However, the performance difference between the two iOS versions seems to be marginal, given the relatively-faster processing components thrown into the iPhone 5s.

When it comes to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, some apps run faster and smoother on the newer iOS 10.0.1 firmware while iOS 9.3.5 appears to be consistently quicker at booting up. The app load times are also faster on the iOS 10 firmware on both the iPhone 6 variants.

iOS 10.0.1 firmware continues to dominate across all performance tests on the iPad Air with the exception of boot up times, where the iOS 9.3.5 wins the race hands down.

If you are a power user who cares more about app loading times and overall system performance as opposed to slower boot up times, then you should definitely install the iOS 10.0.1 upgrade, especially if you own the newer iPhone 6 models.

Those who own the older iPhone 5 and 5s models may give it a skip, as the performance difference between iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 10.0.1 isn't noticeable. However, if you would like to explore the newer features of iOS 10 at the expense of slower boot up times, you could surely give it a shot.