The Investments Driving the GreenTech Revolution: Temas Resources

Temas Resources

Temas Resources (TMAS: CN | TMASF:US) is banking on becoming a leader in green mining technology. Forming partnerships and investing in innovations to ensure their legacy and the industry they represent are not only greener but more efficient for the future. While mining has historically come with a "dirty" reputation, Temas and its leadership team believe it doesn't have to be this way. Their bold vision could change the mining industry as we know it, making the process better, faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly in the future.

Established by seasoned expert Kyler Hardy and partners, Temas Resources focuses on environmentally conscious acquisition, exploration and development of Iron ore, Titanium and Vanadium. Its mining portfolio concentrates on ways to apply technology to reduce environmental impact and the carbon footprint of metal extraction through advanced processing and patented leaching technologies.

When Temas Resources decided the time had come to hire a specialty metals expert, Hardy approached Michael Dehn, a prominent geologist and former Goldcorp executive. Following a recent $10 billion acquisition of Goldcorp, Hardy approached Dehn, appealing to his desire to explore more than just making money in the mining industry.

Explaining Temas' views on technology and how they were positioning themselves to revolutionize the industry, Dehn saw an opportunity too good to pass up, and in November 2020, Michael Dehn was announced as the new President and CEO of Temas Resources with Kyler Hardy taking on the Chairman's role. The team mobilized quickly and in April 2021, Temas Resources acquired a 50 percent stake in ORF Technologies, a portfolio of patents related to mineral extraction, targeting specialty, strategic and rare earth metals producers.

The ORF suite of technologies promises to be more environmentally friendly as well as more cost-efficient. Used in conjunction with exclusive licensing rights to MetaLeachTM technology, Temas is successfully positioning itself as a leader in mining technology, spearheading the development of extraction processes that could revolutionize the industry.

"There's a real distinction to be made regarding mining vs. mining technology," explains Dehn. "Corporate social responsibility is more important to investors today than ever before. Certainly, to institutional investors who need to follow mandates to reduce carbon footprints in portfolios. Becoming greener isn't just useful anymore, it's a necessity."

A necessity the Temas team are using to their advantage. Today the company has multiple 100 percent owned properties in the Grenville Geological Province of Quebec and have teamed up with Erin Ventures for the joint development of the Piskanja Boron Project in Serbia. As they look to the future, Temas Resources wants to make the green revolution even greener.

Dehn is keen to exploit the technology Temas has at its fingertips and is especially excited about their nickel technology. Nickel salts are key ingredients in the electric car batteries powering the energy storage revolution, and with ground-breaking processes, Temas can take nickel ores straight from concentrate to nickel salt - a procedure the current players struggle with.

But rather than hold onto the technology for themselves, Dehn wants to commercially license the process to other nickel miners, placing the miners squarely within the 'green economy' value chain.

The same tech can be used to recapture the precious minerals trapped within EV batteries as they reach their end-of-life, as well as reprocessing the tailings - leftover materials from mining - in order to reduce their environmental impact.

"We're cleaning up other people's mess and getting paid to do it and getting them the technology to do it. So it's kind of a win-win for us and the environment," says Dehn.

Temas Resources is set to become a driving factor in the mining technology sector, and with investors looking to satisfy their ESG investment targets, Temas Resources presents a unique opportunity to move the needle on reducing the environmental impact of mining and making the industry more sustainable as a whole.