Is investing money in real estate a smart choice? According to Ghafoor Ghatali, a famous Iranian entrepreneur

Ghafoor Ghatali

What is real estate investment?

Real estate investment means that you buy an estate and hope its price to increase in the future and achieve profit. Buying an estate with a high potential of value growth is directly linked to the fund and liquidity. People who already have significant funds can owe the best estates and gain great profit after a while. Investing in real estate markets, regarding the fund and liquidity level, has different types.

Types of estate market investment

Real estate investment It includes investing in buying a house, villa, and/or rent it, micro and macro housing construction projects, building townhouses or residential towns.

1. Specialization

Most markets including stock and OTC require specialization for investing. This challenge is relatively low in real estate markets, even though you shouldn't risk without adequate knowledge. However, it doesn't require scientific and academic education.

2. Having an income

Housing is a property that can be seen as an income. It means that by renting the property, one may create resources for income and invest the money in other markets.

3. Gaining profit

Undoubtedly, one of the reasons that people invest in any market is to gain profit and through estate markets, there is a great profit for the following reasons:

There is no inflation in the real estate markets of Dubai which encourages people from all over the world to buy an estate in Dubai and this makes Dubai the first option for real estate investors.

4. Risk

Starting a business in other parallel markets such as stock, gold, coins, and dollars has high risk. For example, political tensions in the region directly and immediately affect financial markets. However, in real estate markets, there is no similar risk and prices vary smoothly and are more stable.

5. No possibility for being stolen or damaged

Gold, dollar, cars, and other possessions are always at the risk of being stolen. The impossibility of stealing the document property is another advantage of real estate investment. Even for more security against accidents like fire, earthquakes, floods, and so on, you can provide property insurance.

6. Peace of mind

Owning a house brings peace of mind for investors. This peace doesn't exist in dollars, gold, or stock. People by investing in real estate markets becomes the owner of every inch of the document property. This means that you can infinitely use the validity of the document property. For example, document property has judicial security. So, when a legal or judicial issue occurs such as arrestment, you can use document property as a guaranty.

Another benefit of buying an estate in Dubai is that you become a resident of the country.

You, your wife, and your children can become residents only by buying an estate that is valued at about 750,000 dirhams.

Another benefit is that you can buy an estate by installments in advance or with interest-free installments that constructor companies provide investors with and you can buy your fancy estate.

The beautiful Dubai city and its real estate market have always been developing and government organizations have always been planning differently for the future of the city. You can find unique structures such as Palm islands (which can be considered wonders of the world because it can be seen from the moon), Khalifeh tower (the tallest tower), highest long water pool in the world (Address Beach Resort, 77 floors), the largest water dance (Dubai Mall) and over 40 world records are registered in this fantastic city.

Dubai has the highest level of security and social comfort. By moving for living in Dubai, not only will you immigrate, but also you change your lifestyle. This is the city of dreams that all people have always had.