Introducing pslove Period Tracker App: Made for women by women

Tan Peck Ying, CEO & co-founder of pslove
Tan Peck Ying, CEO & co-founder of pslove

Having sold over a million units of patent-pending heat relief patches for common pains faced by women, pslove launches its own period tracker app. This free app allows women to predict their cycles more accurately and get deeper insights into their feminine health.

Tan Peck Ying, CEO & co-founder of pslove shares how creating a period tracking app was a natural next step for the brand. She said,

As a woman who suffered from debilitating menstrual cramps, I could not find anything on the market that was natural yet effective to relieve my menstrual cramps. I soon realised that I could draw on my own experience with managing pain to create better products for women, such as MenstruHeat."

Similarly, our drive to create a better period tracker app stems from a few things, firstly, our dissatisfaction with current period tracking apps. They are often designed by men, which are stereotypical in assuming that all females love pink, cutesy, flowers. This may work for some individuals, but can also be a turn-off to many who feel that feminine health matters are to be taken seriously.

Secondly, we wanted to draw on our experience in helping thousands of women deal with menstrual pain through our natural pain relief patches, and turn it into a convenient app that helps women deal with their feminine cycles, not just by physically relieving their pain, but also equipping them with knowledge about how their own bodies work.

Designed for women by women:

Koh Wan Yi, pslove’s Head of UI/UX
Koh Wan Yi, pslove’s Head of UI/UX

pslove Period Tracker app was designed from scratch by a female-led team with a strong focus to make it easy for women to keep up with their feminine health. Koh Wan Yi, pslove's Head of UI/UX, wanted to make sure that the app was intuitive, especially from the basic UI/UX standpoint. She explained,

When we started designing our app, we first conducted focus group studies with our customers to better understand their experiences with managing periods and the problems they faced with feminine health. We relooked at common misconceptions and created our app based on these insights of how women really thought. We focused on figuring out how to display useful information in a way that made the most sense to them.

"For example, most period tracking apps are centered around visually representing the user's period as a loop. Through our focus groups1 , we found that women tend to think of their periods in a linear timeline, rather than a repeating cycle.

Most women tend to 'count down' the number of days to their next period. As such, we designed our period tracking app to represent periods as a linear 'countdown', so that it reflects how a user naturally views her period.

Features Highlights of pslove Period Tracker app:

New and innovative features of the app include-

  • Wellness Level Insights

Backed by robust machine learning algorithms, pslove Period Tracker app collates and analyse the user's records to give accurate period predictions, useful insights, and a better understanding of what effects their feminine health.

  • Home Waves Screen with privacy mode

pslove Home Waves Screen provides a quick and easy way for the user to view where she is in her period cycle via a count-up, and mentally prepare herself for her next period. The home screen was specially designed to incorporate calming details such as gentle undulating waves, so as to provide a pleasant and relaxing environment to soothe any period anxieties.

In privacy mode, the user is able to check on her upcoming cycle without feeling self-conscious in public. Prying eyes will see encouraging motivational quotes instead of the user's private period information.

  • Period Calendar and Google/Apple Calendar Sync

The period calendar allows users to view past and upcoming periods quickly, and also input their period and other health or PMS symptoms. Tapping on each day allows users to quickly see their past inputs at the bottom of the calendar. Swiping left allows users to switch from monthly to yearly views, where they can see their entire year of periods ahead, making it easy to plan for holidays and other important events.

pslove Period Tracker App is also the first in the market to allow users to sync their period calendar with their own digital calendars i.e. Apple Calendar or Google Calendar. This features allows users to easily plan their important events around their periods and has proved to be one of the most popular features so far.

The business model of pslove Period Tracker App - Free Forever:

Globally, the "FemTech" market is estimated to be worth $50 billion by 2025. Glow, another period tracker app, founded by ex-Paypal's Max Levchin and four other men, raised $6 million in venture funding in its first year in 2013. The following year, it raised another funding round of $17 million with investment from Andreessen Horowitz and the Founders Fund.

With many competitors in the same space depending on paid in-app content to sustain themselves, pslove is determined to keep all features in the app free and accessible to all. Peck Ying explained,

The goal of our Period Tracker App is to provide women with useful knowledge and deeper insights about their own feminine health. We believe that every woman deserves to know about her feminine health, and that this knowledge will empower them to achieve more.

The pslove Period Tracker App will allow us to better understand users and continue to improve our existing line of products significantly over existing of-the-shelf pain relief solutions.

pslove continues to focus on happy customers and rapid iterations:

The initial feedback from users has been positive for pslove Period Tracker app. The app currently has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on App Store2.

A user review by Thor Jiamin3 on the Google Play Store describes the app as "easy to use" and shares that she appreciates "useful tips shown to let us know our body better".

Lau Siaw Ee, 25, reviewed:

"I downloaded the app to track my period cycle, but it also checks on your mood, symptoms, and educates me on what's happening to my hormones. I get pretty gnarly efects like migraines, mood swings and cramps, and the app ofers really nice advice for each, like a friend! Looking forward to tracking all this extra info and pleasant app to use"

Brenda Lim, 25, an avid user of pslove Period Tracker app, shares,

"What drew me to this app is the design. Most apps for tracking period are overly pink or cutesy. Yes, I am a woman but that doesn't mean that everything has to be pink and flowery - pslove Period Tracker app doesn't try to dumb it down for me, and makes me feel like a normal woman who just wants to keep track of her health."

Supported by an in-house engineering team, pslove Period Tracker app is updated at least once a week to ensure that the app continuously improves and is able to meet users' needs.


To commemorate the launch of pslove Period Tracker App globally, pslove is giving away a year's supply of MenstruHeat. In order to qualify, users will need to register their details at the following registration page ( Contest opens on 1st of February 2019 and ends on the 15th of February 2019.

Users from around the world are able to use the pslove Period Tracker app by downloading from both the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. More details about the app can also be found on