Interview with Tattoo Artist Alisha (Yoo Jung Ha) Gory


Coming from an Asian country, Alisha (Yoo Jung Ha) Gory is a Korean female tattoo artist living in New York City. She came to America at 18 years of age to pursue freedom. Today, Alisha is running her own business of tattoos designing.

This is Alisha's story!
Alisha is a renowned female tattoo artist known for her creativity and outstanding work. In her interview, she explained the challenges she faced in her journey of becoming a female tattoo artist. She got graduated with a BFA degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She had a desire to pursue her career in a creative field. Alisha believes that it's her degree that chose her. It was her destiny. She also mentioned that she was recommended by the top tattoo artists which helped her secure a chance in the art school.

However, she wasn't perfect from the start. She believes that people learn from mistakes. The same was the case with her. Many times, she designed bad tattoos and was not even sure what she was doing. Covered in sweat, she also faced fear. But she did not give up. These challenges made her stand out from the crowd and excel in her career.

Not only this but she also mentions the hardship of being judged as being a female and coming from an Asian household did not quite fit together. Unlike today's world, it was difficult for females to choose such a field. Moreover, she was also the first female tattoo artist who got featured on the cover of Inked magazine so it was definitely unusual.

Today, even after achieving fame, Alisha remains humble and is grateful for the support and kindness she received from her friends in the earlier days. She mentions that it was not possible to let go of her self-doubt without the help of those friends.

To ease the journey of new tattoo artists, Alisha, and her team is working on an online portal where they encourage and help the new talent so they don't have to face abuse and mistreatment.

Alisha wants to spread the message of self-love and kindness. She believes that negative energy can impact our mental health so it's important to never doubt yourself, surround yourself with positive and kind people and never be shameful about the things you cannot control. Above all, she gives the world the message of trusting yourself and never be backed by failure!
Other than her tattoo work, Alisha also has plans to begin an animal rescue shelter to help animals live better lives.

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