Internet Marketing Expert and President of Wifi Wealth, Jerrika Cox, Built a Business on Helping Others Attain Financial Freedom

Jerrika Cox

Jerrika tells her inspiring story from a tough childhood and foster care to becoming the leader of an enterprise that works with partners to build a successful business that makes passive income even while they sleep

Creativity and ingenuity are two important virtues people need to survive in this life and any industry. Jerrika Cox, internet marketer, E-commerce guru, and CEO of Wifi Wealth, has these qualities and more, which is why she has been able to surmount all her challenges to become the success she is today.

Jerrika's childhood was incredibly difficult. But, while growing up, she learned how the world works and made the best out of it. Her experience and the tough conditions helped her become resilient with an unquenchable appetite to excel in everything she does.

While in foster care, she secured a scholarship to attend a private university in Seattle. Upon graduation, she worked for a boutique law firm as an accountant. While at this job, she realized that working for others is not meant for her. She wanted more from life, and nothing was going to stop her from reaching her goal. So Jerrika resigned from the firm and used the money she saved up to start her own business.

But her foray into the business world wasn't very smooth at the beginning. She encountered several challenges, including the failure of her CBD business. But then, she never gave up and continued in her quest to establish a successful business that will add value to others and not just her. While building the right business, she learned so much about social media marketing, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, E-commerce, and other knowledge needed to build a successful online business.

That's what inspired her to start Wifi Wealth, a company that provides passive income streams to clients by helping them build, optimize, and run Amazon FBA stores. With her decades of experience, she successfully built a team that works together to create unique business models and strategies for their partners, so they can earn passive income while they sleep. Wifi Wealth is committed to helping others run an online business that makes a profit with little or no effort. To make this possible, they developed proprietary software that selects high-performing products and prevents others from stealing those products when they realized they were doing well in the store.

Jerrika Cox believes that to have a successful business, one must choose the right partners who can make meaningful contributions. She also believes a business person can succeed by offering unique services that others don't offer and by taking risks.