International Award for Hitesh C. Soni at the India-UAE International Summit in Dubai

Hitesh C. Soni

Hitesh C. Soni: Indian Lawyer and the Managing Partner of Hitesh Soni & Associates, India.

Hitesh C. Soni was awarded with the International Achievers' Awards 2023 at the 36th International Achievers Summit & Awards held in Marriott Al Jaddaf, Dubai, on April 29, 2023, in recognition of his contribution and dedication to worthy causes and his achievements in keeping the flag of India high.

He received this award and the honour was presented by Chief Guest Dr Mohammed Saeed Al Kindi, Former Minister of Environment and Water, UAE.

We reached out to Hitesh for his comments: "The award becomes worthy when it is given to you for your contribution to the nation in some way. I am honoured to receive this International Award. I am thankful to the award committee. I dedicate this award to all my well-wishers, my family, especially my better half, Adv. Vaishali Soni, who is my support system both personally and professionally" he said.

This is not the first time Hitesh has been recognised; earlier, he was awarded various awards such as the Rashtriya Gaurav Award 2022, the Global Lex Falcon Awards Dubai 2022, the Global Excellence Award London 2022, the Indian Achievers Awards 2021, and so on.

More than 250 people attended the 36th International Achievers Summer & Awards, which was hosted at the Marriott Al Jaddaf in Dubai on April 29, 2023. The event was conducted by the Government of India-accredited body, the Indian Achievers' Forum, and supported by ZeeBusiness. This summit also placed an emphasis, from the standpoint of global business opportunities, on the partnership between India and the UAE. The Chief Guest, Dr Mohammed Saeed Al Kindi, who had previously served as the Minister of Environment and Water for the United Arab Emirates, was greeted as the event got underway. He discussed the significance of expanding the amount of commerce that takes place between the two countries and emphasised how crucial it is. The event's guest of honour was Mohammed Alabdooli, Director of IT Audit for the United Arab Emirates. Also in attendance was Maj. Gen. Ahmad Al-Mansoori, who extended his congratulations to all of the honorees and winners for the incredible amount of effort that they had put into making their country proud on a global level. Additionally, dignitaries representing ten different countries were present at the ceremony. After congratulating the winners of the awards, there were interesting presentations given by companies and speeches given by individuals. Kalpana Iyer, a veteran Indian Bollywood actress, was one of the keynote speakers at the event. Other keynote speakers were Rohit Kapur, a public policy analyst; Paras Shahdadpuri, chairman of the Nikai Group of Companies; and others.

A man as successful as him is adjudged to be cunning, selfish and forever stray of the principles. However, Mr Soni very humbly dedicates his immense success to his conviction in his ethics and principles. His success mantra is to work hard and live by principles. And clearly, that is how you become an example for the people. The top three pieces of advice Mr Soni imparts to young and aspiring lawyers is to be patient – patience in understanding what an individual wants out of their life as well as understanding what their goals are. Secondly, he believes, that if an individual really wants to be successful, they need to 'stay and not quit'. They need to have faith in this institution of law and continually work towards their goal. Finally, and ironically so, Mr. Soni advices us to not take random suggestions and follow our own heart.