An Interesting Story about How Rahul Maharaj Veered into Mental Health Improvement Campaign

Rahul Maharaj

Rahul Maharaj today runs multiple businesses other than his popular show on YouTube, Your Life Experiences With Rah. The show is dedicated to people sharing the darkest points in their lives and how they found closure from these experiences. He is also well-versed in the financial industry and is currently the CEO of Little Angels Daycare LLC. Rahul also has a knack for computer science and is pretty familiar with many technical procedures, such as coding.

How Mr. Maharaj, after establishing an ideal career in multiple industries, veered into joining the mental health improvement campaign is another interesting story.

Rahul has always had multiple interests and dreams his whole life. Being a serial entrepreneur and running businesses in the US was on top of the list. It eventually came true when Rahul moved from Trinidad and Tobago in 2000 to live in New York City. At the time, he started his professional career with a construction company and worked there for a substantial period of 11 years.

He then jumped into financial services and learned a lot about the industry. "Being a financial advisor and a life insurance agent basically means handling people's portfolios and everything related to their businesses. It's rarely different from running your own business so you take risks, develop strategies and plans for a company's goals, and hence, you learn abundantly about how businesses work," says Rahul.

However, there came a time when Rahul was forced to take a different course of action. As he faced a grave challenge in his financial career, he started a daycare business in 2014, but it didn't provide the instant respite he needed. Resultantly, a period of depression and stress ensued. But Rahul remained persistent and finally saw encouraging results in 2017.

This is when he decided to bring his story to the world through a venture he always wanted to start. Growing up as a child, who was bullied and experienced abuse all the way to his teenage years, his dream was to create a space where people could share their traumas and stories of abuse and how they coped with these ominous challenges in their lives.

Though the intent was to sympathize with and inspire the struggling souls, the show turned out to be an ultimate source of inspiration and a catalyst for the change many people desired in their lives. But above all, it became a new milestone in the international campaign for mental well-being as it provided a different approach to healing those who had their backs against the wall.

"I started Your Life Experiences With Rah in 2018 and it unexpectedly became a sensation over the internet. People started reaching out with messages like, hey Rahul, please don't stop what are you doing at YLEWRAH. Some people even messaged me that their life has been changed because of the show. It provided me with a new purpose in my life, and I now look forward to taking my show to the next level in the coming days!" says Rahul.

Unfortunately we, as a society, have not adopted a mature outlook in terms of mental health. There is a strong need for sensitization about mental illnesses on a global level. Against this backdrop, people like Rahul Maharaj are not less than a beacon of hope, of a world better than this!