Intelligence Community chief fired by Trump after losing confidence due to impeachment proceedings

Donald Trump has been contemplating about replacing several of the inspector generals and has been discussing about it with his aides

President Donald Trump has decided to fire the intelligence community inspector general who triggered the impeachment proceedings against the US President last fall. The President told the lawmakers about his decision late on Friday, April 3. Micheal Atkinson insisted on telling the lawmakers the whistleblower complaint about the Ukraine dealings.

Atkinson is said to be leaving the job in 30 days said the President to the House and the Senate intelligent committees. Trump is yet to name the successor. Trump is said to be replacing Atkinson because of losing confidence in him. There was no further explanation by the President.

The President has been discussing extensively with his aides about replacing several of the inspector generals and has been contemplating about putting Atkinson since fall last year. The President made several announcements on Friday. The government is also dealing with the pandemic situation in the country.

The law created for replacing the inspector general of the intelligence community says that the President can only remove the person after notifying the community a month before of his rationale for replacing the person.

Abuse of power says the democrats

Trump Pixabay

Trump has said that he would be submitting the new nominee for the position at a later date. The Democrats called the decision an abuse of power. Atkinson's removal has been called "unconscionable" and even said that the president is politicizing the intelligence. According to reports, Atkinson was reported about the removal late on Friday.

Trump had nominated Atkinson to the role after he served around 16 years in the Department of Justice. An inspector general conducts the investigation and reviews the activities of national intelligence. They also handle whistleblower complaints from within the community. Atkinson has been placed under administrative leave after being informed that he is being removed from his position, says people who are close to the matter. The high-profile job carries heavy risks including being fired at any moment.