Instagram in trouble for deleting mother son's picture

Instagram gets criticized widely for deleting the picture of a 12-year-old Harry Beswick, who suffers from a rare physical condition.

Picture for representation Pixabay

Instagram is in trouble for deleting the picture of 12-year-old Harry Beswick, who is suffering from a rare condition that has left him with no left eye, eye socket, nostril or left ear. This condition is known as Goldenhar syndrome. His mother, Charlie, has two twins, one of whom is suffering from this rare disease. The other is Oliver who is also suffering from autism.

Bringing them up is challenging, but both are rewarding and full of love. The mother of two suffered from post natal depression, after which she gathered the courage to be back on her feet.

When Charlie posted a picture of her snuggling with her son Harry, it went on to get more than 3600 likes and over 310 comments. However, the post was deleted by Instagram, which angered the mother of the duo. She went to Twitter to rant about the blunder committed by Instagram, which said that Instagram deemed the picture a breach of its guidelines.

Twitterati and Instagrammers liked their pictures and supported them. There were a few of them who tweeted that "he is so beautiful". User Pallsadele said, "What a beautiful little boy giving his mama a cuddle xxx." Another comment said, "You and your son are bought up beautiful! All I see Is Absolute true love." The family was showered with good wishes.

Charlie also said that one of the users reported the photo to Instagram's content moderation team. However, Instagram had a different tale to tell. They quoted to The Guardian, "We mistakenly removed the photo, but quickly restored it as soon as the mistake was brought to our attention. We have apologized to the family."

After repeated frustration by Charlie over contacting Instagram, everything has come to rest and their picture has been restored. It is hoped that the mother of the god gifted kids has no qualms with Instagram.