Instagram Model Robbed At Gunpoint By Group of Men In Las Vegas For Being 'Too Attractive'

Instagram and OnlyFans model Whitney Paige, who commands more than 1.5 million followers, revealed she was robbed at gunpoint by a group of 3 men who catcalled her from their car as she walked down the Las Vegas strip. Paige revealed that the group of men targeted her only because she was ''too attractive'' as she stood out for the crowd gaining attention.

Instagram and OnlyFans model Whitney Paige robbed
Instagram / Whitney Paige

Ignoring their catcalls, Paige began walking faster and tried to book an Uber and that is when their car stopped past her and to her horror, a man pulled out a gun and the group robbed her of her belongings at gunpoint behind a less crowded gas station. The experience was so harrowing that she now considers buying a gun for self defense.

Luckily, Paige revealed she carried no cash in hand but the thieves stole her credit cards and sped away. Right after the theft, the model blocked all her cards but unfortunately forgot to block one, only to realize the thieves had spent $1,000 on a super market shopping spree at Walmart.

"A lot of times I am alone when travelling and that makes me a target. I am also attractive and that does not help because I get a lot of attention in public,'' said Paige to Jam Press.

Paige called the police and a detective contacted her the next day and is working on the case and looking at the CCTV footage at Walmart. The detective revealed that the model was extremely lucky as only a few handful of thieves don't pull the trigger during a street robbery.

Traumatized by the experience, she now no longer goes out alone, particularly at night and avoids empty streets during the day. Paige revealed she is no stranger to getting unwanted compliments on the streets by men and also constantly faces harassment on social media as well.

"I've had multiple cyber stalkers and have been stalked in parking garages and gas stations several times – but the scariest incident was when I was robbed at gunpoint on the Las Vegas strip. A car full of three men had tried to catcall me, they wanted me to get into their car as I was walking in the gas station and I straight up denied them," Whitney told Jam Press.

Paige revealed the group of men wanted her to get inside their car and when she dismissed their catcalls, they got aggressive. ''Moments later, as I was waiting for an Uber, all of the sudden the car drives by with the same men inside and one of them jumps out, pointing a gun in my face. He grabbed my purse and got back in the car. All of this was because I had denied their catcalls.''

Apart from buying a gun for protection, Paige has also decided to buy a taser gun and use it against anyone who catcalls her on the streets. "I'm paranoid about men that approach me now. I always think the worst. I don't feel safe and it's sad because I'm very independent and I feel I can't do certain things because I'd be risking my safety. I'm always on high alert now and I always watch my back. I'm even considering getting a taser or a gun to protect myself,'' Paige summed it up.